I was curious about your program. Where can I find more info?

On our website we have: what it includes, what you will learn, and results to expect.  After reading those sections, if you have more questions, feel free to chat with us at

Will I have access to the app as soon as I sign up?

We will open up the app Sunday morning before your round begins. In your welcome email we do supply you with the meal plans, workouts and our comprehensive guide. This allows you to practice the program and prep before we even get started.

Is the whole program ran in the app?

Yes! Our food tracker, workouts, meal plans, resources, private group, etc. It's all in the app.

Does TRIM give a shopping list?

Yes! We give shopping lists and you can make them digital from your personal meal plan too.

What equipment do I need?

To start TRIM: Light and medium set of dumbbells , medium resistance band, and a booty band.

I’ll be on vacation during the upcoming round? Is that a problem?

Not at all.  We teach you exactly what to do while on vacation and stay on track.  Our ladies enjoy vacation without gaining any weight when they are currently in TRIM.

Do you make custom meal plans in the program?

For TRIM we give everyone the same meal plan.  However our meal planning software allows you to push a button and make your own very easily.  If you want someone to completely make you a meal plan from scratch and custom, our TRIM ELITE program offers this.

I have a race I am training for? Can I still do TRIM?

Yes.  You will let us know your training schedule and will adjust the program for you to make you in the best shape for the race.

How restrictive is the eating/meal plan?

We don’t believe in restrictive dieting.  Our mission is to teach ladies to enjoy their favorite foods on the right days and how to make them work with their nutrition.

 Does TRIM include weekly meal plans? 

Yes, 8 weekly meal plans plus sample vegan and vegetarian meal plan.

How do the workouts work? 

You get access to our on demand library, weekly PDF workouts, and we have live workouts each week with our TRIM Trainers.

Is there a fasting component? 

Yes, but it's not mandatory to get the results.

I looked and it looks like it’s $200 for the 8 weeks? Is that correct? 

That is correct.  $199 for 8 weeks or you can break it up into 4 payments.

Do you have access to it beyond the 8 weeks? 

Once your round ends, the app will sign you out.  Access to the app and material require payment.

Is there an in person element? 

No. It is all online.

I have picky kids, are TRIM Meals kid friendly?

Kids love our meals!!! We also give a list of our top kid favorite meals

Can I still use my peloton?

100%.  3-4 days a week works great with a bike. Their strength training workouts work great too. We will help you with which ones to do.

Can my husband do TRIM with me?

Yes! The men's guide and workouts are free with the program, or he can purchase the program on his own.

Can I still do Orange Theory?

Yes, we teach you the best days to do OT workouts.  However, we do not suggest daily or more than 2-3 times a week while in TRIM.

Can I do Keto with TRIM?

TRIM is carb cycling, not a low carb diet.  Keto will not work with TRIM.

I have struggled with eating disorders before? Will this be an issue?

This won’t be an issue, but we do ask you to let us know beforehand.  We want to make sure we can adjust the program properly to avoid any triggers for you.

Can I do TRIM with food allergies?

Yes, our software allows you to put in all allergies so when you make your meal plans it will take allergies into account.

Can I do TRIM Vegan?

TRIM is doable for Vegan diet, but TRIM is not a vegan program.  We do give a sample meal plan and our software will give vegan friendly meals. Our TRIM ELITE program will make custom Vegan meal plans

Can I do TRIM vegetarian?

100%. Kate, the co creator of TRIM is vegetarian.

Can I split up the payments?

Yes, we have a payment plan available.

Who will I be working with daily?

Our entire team! You will have access and daily access to our creators of TRIM and trainers inside the app.

I have hypothyroidism, is TRIM safe?

Yes, especially if you are on medication and your levels are maintained.  If you are not on medication, we will give you adjustments to make, to make sure it is safe and effective for you. 

I have some medical needs, does TRIM accommodate? 

To an extent we can, however it’s always best to reach out to us first at We want to make sure it’s a good fit.  Our TRIM Elite program accommodates more custom needs.

I work nights as a nurse.  Is TRIM realistic for me?

100%. We have so many nurses who do TRIM.  We will help you adjust your schedule to fit your work schedule.

I am a teacher and have little time to eat during the day? Can I keep up with TRIM?

100%. We have so many teachers who do TRIM.  We will help you adjust your schedule to fit your work schedule.

What results can I expect?

  • On average 6-14 inches in one round
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved sleep
  • Gain lean, tone muscle
  • Become stronger
  • Improve cardiovascular system and resting Heart Rate
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Have food freedom (no more guilt no matter what you eat)
  • Tools to stay on track no matter what your schedule looks like
  • Learn how to travel and eat out while staying on track.
  • And many more! These are just the top ones most women see
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